Reality as a platform for the play of duality

Let’s revisit the various forces at play.
Reality is the platform that supports all of the below force spectrums.
Like imagine each of the spectrums below to be columns in a spectrum analyzer (like the one in your stereo system).
It is in this platform that the music of reality plays.

Supporting forces ————— Opposing forces
Loving forces ——————- Hating forces
Enhancing forces —————- Thwarting forces
Constructive forces ————- Destructive/Scattering forces
Inspiring forces —————– Depressing forces
Pleasurable forces ————— Painful forces
Life forces(with memories of death) ———————— Death forces (with memories of life)
Creative forces —————- Destructive forces
Other serving forces ———– Self-serving forces
Truth telling forces ———– Deception spreading forces
Eros forces ——————– Death drive forces
Forces the synthesize/stitch ———— Forces that analyze/separate
Forces of transcendence —————– Forces of the world
White suns —————————— Black holes
Memory creating forces ———- Memory forgetting forces
Light shining forces ———— Light absorbing forces
Healing forces——————- Disease creating forces
Anti-entropy forces ————- Entropy forces
Forces of becoming ————– Forces of unbecoming
Forces of doing —————– Forces of undoing
Forces the fill you ————- Forces the empty you
Harmonizing forces ————– Disharmony forces
Ordering forces —————– Disordering forces

2 Replies to “Reality as a platform for the play of duality”

  1. This kind of duality has played a vital role in the formulation of many philosophical theories, especially in Dialectics. But if I may ask about your first set of contradictions, don’t you think that ‘non-existence’ exists within the realm of existence, as absence is formulated by the forces of presence? What I saying is, do you think that one of the two concepts that consist the duality is always upon the other, as a primary contradiction, or that is more of an either/or relationship?

    Plus, do you believe that reality has a non-real outside itself?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yea, I added the [existence ——– non-existence] line in the last minute and I did feel a lot of hesitation for that one. I’ll probably remove it from the list.

      I would say we could look at it both ways, and both would be right:
      Existence emerges from non-existence and returns to non-existence (with non-existence being the real substrate).
      OR Non-existence emerges from Existence and then returns to Existence (with Existence being the real substrate)

      I guess that would apply to all of the spectrums here.
      I could say pleasure is the absence of pain and pain is the only real thing.
      OR that pleasure is the real thing and pain is just the absence of pleasure.
      Another case might be:
      Presence as essential, and absence as ‘Presence of absence’.
      OR Absence as essential, and presence as ‘Absence of absence’.
      Something similar would apply to:
      Something ———— Nothing
      Being ——————- Non-being
      Reality —————– Non-reality

      From the ‘thought/conceptualizing’ point of view: I can only see it one at time,
      1 – [left] as more fundamental than [right]
      2 – [right] as more fundamental than [left]
      But both are true. Like those optical illusions where you can see 3 or 5 boxes depending on the way you look – from the top or down.

      The contradictions are all true, but the mind can see it from only one positionality/point of view at a time.
      The non-contradiction is found from a point of view that transcends the mind’s apprehension of all of these. Everything is true.
      But this is the closest I can get to describing the [*****(unnamble)] reality.

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