Society is ‘descent’ while transcendence is ‘ascent’

There is nothing wrong with descending or ascending.
I am just looking at these 2 aspects of existence scientifically.

What does society expect from you?
To grow up?
What does growing up entail?
A series of decisions/commitments/sacrifices?
A series of specializations and an ever deepening identity structure?
Isn’t specialization the most celebrated thing and the sought after thing in society?
To become an expert/master in your chosen discipline?
And then work to either maintain/uphold one of its existing structures or to forward it to new improvements(addendums or reconstructions).
Society expects you to come down and descend from the clouds and ground youself, i.e. become something solid like the earth.

To transcend on the other hand is the opposite movement.
You move upwards like the eagle flying towards the sun.
Away from the ground, away from the solid world,
You move away from specialization/analysis into generalization/synthesis.
You are flying upwards from the earth to the sky.
Rather than entering multiplicity and diving deeper into it into ever furthering differentiation, you are now seeking singularity and union.
You leave behind familiar structures of comfort and security and venture into the unknown to find the philosopher’s stone/the lost plenum.
It is a project of reclamation rather than sacrifice.

So if I were to draw a spectrum:
Specialization/analysis/differentiation ———— Generalization/synthesis/unification
Society is to the left while transcendence is to the right.
They are 2 opposite directions.
This is summed up, in the duality of:
Samsara ———————- Nirvana

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