The world is a sensation

The entire world appears to us as a sensation.
The “world” is a sensation in consciousness.
The world is literally a FELT PRESENCE.
So if I have to take you out of this world,
All I have to is remove your sensation of the world
[I do not have to fly you to outer-space]

Let’s take 4 aspects: Sensation -> Mind -> Feeling -> Intuition
The food for the mind is sensation.
Feeling tells you if the sensation is acceptable/good or unacceptable/bad (which is again based on the mind’s mentation about it)
Intuition taps on all the symbolic images (imaginal/imaginations) opened up by the sensation.

Knowledge is a sensation too.
Supposing you go onto the stage and out of stage fear and anxiety you go blank
What has really happened?
You have lost touch with the SENSATION of that knowledge (the sensation is buried and overpowered by much louder and grosser energies of fear/anxiety/fight-flight which have shifted your entire perception – drowning out the sensation of your knowledge completely in your CONTEXT now)
You know that you know when you feel the sensation of that knowing.

That is how even when a person is totally alone,
He may feel no loneliness at all, and may even feel great connection.
Why? Because he carries the “SENSATION” of being connected.
And the world IS the sensation of it.

The opposite also can happen,
You can be in a place full of 1000s of people who love you,
and feel NO SENSATION of it.
This would mean those 1000s of people DO NOT EXIST to you because the SENSATION of them is absent.

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