My practices

My endeavor is to just stay aware of the whole.
I orient myself to the effortless center point in each state.
I also observe the flow of energy from the ‘wholistic’ point of view.
I relax to such an extent that “my breathing and my doing” happen without the sensation of effort or resistance.
I work on letting go of various resistances, and understanding wisdom in deeper and deeper levels of subtlety.
I constantly endeavor to contact and stay in touch with life force, and allow more of it to flow through me by relaxing and taking in more.
I try not to pre-meditate or plan anything, and let go of such plans if I do have them formed in me, because holding on to such plans is a tension I feel.
I try to release tension, and when I cannot release it, I genuinely inquire into the reasons behind why I am holding that tension.
I endeavor to live in greater trust, and relinquish more and more control and knowledge (because control and knowledge both are forms of pain/contraction/grasping/holding-on/limitation), and let things come and go as they may please – including people, and I focus on what is really present and glide with those energy potentials only.
I stay as a pure conduit of effortless energy flow – nothing more, nothing less.
I am basically relaxing back into my ‘true self’, which works autonomously like my heart-beat.
I use writing as an conduit to let streams of coherent information come out, and to gain wisdom about my processes.
I also work on acceptance, which is basically non-resistance, and I observe all the emotions I feel as I do this practice, and then I have something to work on.
I follow my highest truth, highest motivation, highest integrity and live from the whole.
So I am in permanent contemplation of my own pain and pleasures at deeper and deeper levels.
I just relax more and more and encounter all the pain and suffering on the way with the intention of fully immersing and understanding each piece of suffering.
I see all suffering as my unconscious doing, and I gradually go deeper making this unconscious conscious and slowly go inwards.

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