Experiential Reality needs no proof

There is no proof needed for experiential reality.
The experience and the proof are one.
Because proof is to simply add a certification/validation/confirmatory wrapper over the raw information.
It is an additive layer that gives validity to the whole package – furnishing the package with proof and consequently certifying its validity too.
In experiential reality, the seeing is either present or absent.
If present then no proof is needed, it is already ascertained.

To become aware of something new, is expansion and realization of consciousness itself.
You either see it (realize it) or you don’t.
It is your sensitivity to see it or not.
Most practices are only invitations/favorable conditions to sensitize you to seeing certain spaces/phenomena OR they awaken certain sensitivities lying below your current threshold.

My practices

My endeavor is to just stay aware of the whole.
I orient myself to the effortless center point in each state.
I also observe the flow of energy from the ‘wholistic’ point of view.
I relax to such an extent that “my breathing and my doing” happen without the sensation of effort or resistance.
I work on letting go of various resistances, and understanding wisdom in deeper and deeper levels of subtlety.
I constantly endeavor to contact and stay in touch with life force, and allow more of it to flow through me by relaxing and taking in more.
I try not to pre-meditate or plan anything, and let go of such plans if I do have them formed in me, because holding on to such plans is a tension I feel.
I try to release tension, and when I cannot release it, I genuinely inquire into the reasons behind why I am holding that tension.
I endeavor to live in greater trust, and relinquish more and more control and knowledge (because control and knowledge both are forms of pain/contraction/grasping/holding-on/limitation), and let things come and go as they may please – including people, and I focus on what is really present and glide with those energy potentials only.
I stay as a pure conduit of effortless energy flow – nothing more, nothing less.
I am basically relaxing back into my ‘true self’, which works autonomously like my heart-beat.
I use writing as an conduit to let streams of coherent information come out, and to gain wisdom about my processes.
I also work on acceptance, which is basically non-resistance, and I observe all the emotions I feel as I do this practice, and then I have something to work on.
I follow my highest truth, highest motivation, highest integrity and live from the whole.
So I am in permanent contemplation of my own pain and pleasures at deeper and deeper levels.
I just relax more and more and encounter all the pain and suffering on the way with the intention of fully immersing and understanding each piece of suffering.
I see all suffering as my unconscious doing, and I gradually go deeper making this unconscious conscious and slowly go inwards.

All practices/doing crystallize the very structures that justify them

Every ‘doing’ is driven by a structure.
Like say, you want to make your life more meaningful.
You feel that desire in you that drives you to do things in order to achieve the same.
So now you are invested in the ‘doing’, the verb/action of it.
But ‘doing’ is impossible, unless there is a belief structure in place to validate it in the first place.
So the investment in ‘doing’ fortifies, crystallizes, and solidifies the very structure that justifies it (in you consciousness).
For example, only if you believe, your current life is not meaningful enough [Abstract notation: X is not enough] will you have the doing energy/force itself arise.
Another example would be, you defend only when you have something to protect.
If you have nothing to protect, then defense would vanish too.
So all doing is a mirror to your belief structures.

Like say, if you believe life is terrible and you also believe that you can escape it with effort, then these 2 stacked belief structures will initiate a lot of doing energy in order to make life good and escape the terrible parts.
The interesting aspect in this example here is that, the 2 stacked beliefs initiate the doing.
So there can be multiple stacked layers of beliefs.
Let’s say layer 2 of this belief stack falls apart – i.e. the belief that this terrible life can be escaped is dissolved.
Then, the person is left to experience his original belief that life is terrible. He will now feel the terribleness of life and feel powerless to escape it because the belief that it can be escaped has been dissolved.
So in work towards self-transcendence, such regression of belief structures can materialize hellish despair like states of mind.
That is the DARK SIDE of self-transcendence.
The people who seek it, usually suffer a GREAT deal.
Because what can be the motivation for self-transcendence intense seeking.
It is a deep deep core belief that life is abjectly terrible.
So in the final stages of self-transcendence, like they say, a finger nail can block the sun.
Similarly, you might encounter the worst root belief in your stack – the worst fear, the worst terror or condition, just before you totally let go.

My main practice

– Stay as the mirror mind: All is a moving reflection of the unnamable. Nothing more, nothing less.
– Surrender/Let go/Release all “formations” and “contractions” of energy. That is the only doing/undoing.
– Propriocept the subtlest sensation. Stay as silent/receptive as possible.