Content vs Context

This is a really deep topic.
If Content is King, then Context is God.
Content is Ego while Context is Spirit.

When the spirit part of you is transforming or sick, it is going to create a terrible/hellish/despairish context.
When the context is that way, nothing in the world – good relationships, love from others, lots of freedom and money – all mean absolutely nothing.
Similarly when context is wonderful – you could be a beggar on the road and feel mystical wonder and beautiful.
Context/spirit is alive – it keeps changing/shifting/moving just like all alive beings do.
Also, context is timeless or beyond time.
Time operates within context, or time is part of context itself.
So you may feel ‘This NOW experience’ will last forever, rightfully so, since that is how it is perceived.
However, this experience/moment will surely pass just like any other context and warp your whole life timeline view(past-present-future) too with it.

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