Consciousness IS freedom

Consciousness IS Freedom itself.
To be totally conscious of something, is to be simultaneously free of it.
[To the degree to which you are conscious, to that degree you are free]
Consciousness is the liberator.
Consciousness is always (eternally) free of its contents.
The way to free yourself from anything is to become totally conscious of it.

To realize your nature as consciousness is to realize Shiva.
Shiva = Formless, Essence, Consciousness, and Freedom.
Shiva is eternally free from the dance of content, and rests in his nature.
Shakti is the dancer and mover.
Shakti = Maya, Form, Love(self/identification), Desire.
Shakti and Shiva are in perfect marriage with each other and are inseparably mutually arising in every experience – i.e. the marriage of consciousness and contents. They are ONE.

To return to the abode of Shiva, is to return to enlightenment, to realize one’s nature as Shiva (which also releases one totally – into total freedom).
Liberation is to journey between:
Shakti/Maya —->——>—— Shiva/Essence(Consciousness realization)

2 Replies to “Consciousness IS freedom”

  1. “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” ~Janis Joplin

    I offer this (partly in jest) only to suggest, as you and I have briefly touch upon in the past, everything exists and is understood in a context. Just so with the word “freedom”. I certainly do not object to anything you wrote in this posting. However, as has been my reaction to several of your posts, I wish you would go deeper rather than wider. I was hoping you would talk specifically about freedom, objects and consciousness in a simple, colloquial manner rather than broadening the frame of your words to address Shiva. For instance, take any one of the first six lines and expound on it.

    I realize this is my personal preference. I find your ideas quite interesting, but too often, as I mentioned, broader than profound. I “feel” the profundity of your words. I just wish you could stay within a single frame more often.

    Anyway, as always, thanks for the thoughts.

    1. Hi, Thanks for your comment.
      What usually happens is that, I get an insight/an inner knowing – that just downloads instantly as a deep knowing resonating through all my experiences. When I try to give words to it, I can, at a broad abstract level. But to take the insight deep into all the particulars and to make it fully relatable and complete with examples is something I have quite a hard time with.

      It’s as if those 2 worlds have a long chasm separating them, and that chasm is foggy with many layers between.
      World of instant knowing/insight/download ———-[chasm]————World of intellectual/mental/colloquial
      So usually, when the feeling is present, I try to quickly capture it with abstract language, but that is the best I can do, before a new one comes by the next day.

      So my work tends to be really broad and associative in nature.
      Like different eagle views, without clear details.
      If I do get a clearer detailed understanding, I will definitely write a new post or update this one.
      I agree with your feedback, definitely adding all the details will make it much more interesting and ‘profound/deep’ vs broad. And I also agree that I often tend to move off-topic into associated concept chains/views (haha, its too tempting to cover all of that too).

      I do my best in expressing whatever insight/visions/downloads/knowings I receive.
      Maybe the nature of my work more to spark interest/novelty, and then the reader can find some better resources on the net to give it all its details.
      I’m happy you found it useful.

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