Linear causation is only an appearance


Structures emerging like an organic process (Implying linear causation), are only streams or channels coming from the uncaused.
There is no linear-causation at all in the larger context.
It all exists at once.
Causation is an APPEARANCE stream coming from the uncaused.

So in the higher truth,
There is no static measurable discrete force in me that is working against chaos to build order nor is there is a me making steady progress in understanding the world.
Those linear appearances are snippets happening in the vaster context of non-linearity and multi-dimensionality.
Everything is only an appearance/a certain unfolding of possibility in a context channel and when the context channel shifts, 100% of reality can shift.

I think full structures/worlds/dreams are already present and all we do is tune into them which then creates our linear reality like selecting a TV channel.
It is like that the cymatics experiment -> the pattern just instantly emerges when the frequency resonance is right.
Or it is like a dream where the whole dream just instantly comes in.

Like take the television set example.
You turn it on and BAAM a channel is running, say with a TV show.
It instantly appears -> and appears to have a situation, some characters, and some movement.
Now say you change the channel, then that linearity and that scene and all the characters just vanish, and are replaced with an entirely new context.
So that is what I meant by saying that linearity is just an appearance.

Like have you had the experience of dreams fading in and out?
In my lucid dreams, after getting lucid in one dream -> I would pursue that dream thread and situation, however soon-after the dream would start to fade to black.
If I stay relaxed in that black space -> then a new dream would SPAWN from there. And the context would just materialize. Like suddenly I would find myself in a beach, or a strange apartment which would be completely different from the former dream -> and then even this would fade to black and again return to dreaming, but each of these returns would be dramatically different with no overlap.

This can be observed even in your normal dreams.
Like say you hear the alarm in the morning (you are jarred awake out of your dream) and you snooze it and go back to bed.
Now again you start dreaming and once again the alarm rings after a while -> again you are awake, but just compare the 2 dreams you had. Weren’t they radically different qualitatively? Were you even the same person in them?

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