What is healing

Healing is a commitment/decision.
It is a direction/dedication/orientation/choice.
Healing is a learning process,
Of figuring out what works and how much.

It is the journey of getting closer to causation.
It is a journey of getting closer to the root.
It is a journey of getting closer to reality.
It is a journey of getting closer to source.
It is a journey of getting closer to truth.
It is a journey of getting closer to essence.
It is a journey of getting closer to honesty.
It is a journey of discovering and transcending,
Ever larger cycles/loops or recursive patterns.

It is a journey through higher and higher planes of understanding,
And through higher and higher planes/dimensions,
Whose structures and relationships are through intuitive insight.
The healing journey is a journey of revelation,
Of greater and greater underlying mysteries.

Healing is a journey of moving from the gross to the subtle,
And of moving from compulsion to awareness.
Healing is to remember (re-member) yourself,
To connect all of your fragments,
And move towards becoming whole,
And move towards atonement (at-one-ment).
To heal is to yield to and feed the fire within,
That wants to know the ultimate truth.

The idea of causation begins with you

The idea of causation begins with you.
If you see yourself as the ‘doer’,
You would accordingly see causation everywhere.
On the other hand,
If you see yourself as a non-doer,
That is, as an effect (of a deeper mystery/plane of forces) rather than a cause,
Then you see the same mystery reflected everywhere outside too.

Our perception of the outside is a fractal projection,
Whose pattern self-replicates from our inner pattern/understanding/view.
The depth to which you know yourself,
Is the same depth with which you see the outer existence.

There is no karma/causation/history


The whole notion of there being an accumulation or karma – a storehouse of impressions – is this really true?
Isn’t it is a kind of dream or a kind of imagination?
Isn’t it a kind of dream that a person gravitates to, to find meaning in his life.
What if there is no storehouse, and it is all arising NOW as the emergence/unfolding of the ONE?
Is there really any HISTORY at all?
What if there is no such thing as history apart from an “Imagined history”?
What(the field?) is it that is dreaming up this world?

By imagined I don’t mean the part of imagination that you control consciously (working memory and conscious mind etc.).
I mean the whole that includes the entirety of the IMAGINAL SPACE including the parts that you cannot control but yet are you.

Control is not the only factor determining ownership.
You are both – what you can control and what you cannot control.
You are both – what is voluntary and what is involuntary.
You are the field, and that includes parts you can control and parts you cannot.

The “Small You” as you picture yourself, appears in this SPACE (this space is your context), and the “Real You” is this whole space/field.
You are the imagination of the the philosophers stone, and the philosophers stone appears to you in your imagination as an object (PARADOX).
Is it the same paradox as idol worship.
You see the ALL in the idol, so you are within the idol’s field and it is also true that the idol is an object within your field.
To solve this paradox, we have to understand the holographic nature of reality. We have to understand “mutually-dependent origination”(Buddhism) and the “Indra’s net concept”(Hinduism).
Every point is the whole and contains the whole.
1 – The drop contains the whole ocean
2 – And so does every other drop
3 – And each drop’s potential is reflected in each and every other drop
Contemplate on points 1, 2 and 3.
So you can see the whole from any point of view(pov).
Because every point contains ALL.
That is how one can have those mystical experiences we hear about from people on LSD such as “Seeing the entire universe in an ashtray etc. Other examples might be: Getting the experience of shiva through an idol OR Even seeing the whole universe reflected in the eyes of a lover.

I feel like then the idea of karma, and that one has to exhaust all their impressions and then reach a certain projected/”imaginal” state of peace/bliss/happiness/completion/enlightenment is a dream.
The greatest dream is the dream of pursuing enlightenment.
There is no karma at all.
There is no self or other at all.
There is only the unfoldment of the ONE/WHOLE.
There is no causation because there is no time(time is an appearance in imagination) and no separate objects(separation is an appearance in imagination(of the field)), for one to influence/affect or be the cause of the change of state in an other.
Nothing is substantial and nothing exists apart from the ONE/WHOLE.
No part exists independently from the whole, but rather each part is in-fact part is an appearance of the whole and sustained by the whole.

The whole field is animated by the divine point light like the projector ray of light which moves so fast it creates the illusion of an APPEARANCE/WORLD/CONTEXT/MAYA.
So as one increases one’s frequency of perception more and more, the transition that happens is like: Say you are looking at the TV, and the frequency of your eye keeps on increasing (to the level of a horse fly and greater), what would happen?
Eventually the persistence of vision (1/10th of a second normally) will decrease more and more, and you would start to see images flashing more and more rapidly. Soon the PICTURE would DISAPPEAR, and this is akin to the dissolution of the ILLUSION/MAYA.
Finally when your frequency is super high, you will just see the one point of light (which is actually responsibly for drawing the whole picture).
Now this persistence of vision is an analogy for your FREQUENCY OF VIBRATION.
Higher vibration beings see “what is objectively real for a lower vibrational being” as being only a possibility or an appearance.
What is real for a lower vibrational being is an appearance for a higher vibrational being.

A horse fly may be able to pass in and out of the spinning fan blades.
What looks like a circular solid object to you (fan blades when the fan is in full speed from persistence of vision), to the horse fly it just looks like 3 blades moving, and it can easily find the gap and pass in and out of the horizontal plane of the fan.
Similarly a higher vibration being can perform miracles simply because he sees all the gaps in the rock like illusion of a lower dimensional being.
He can easily see the whole structure of it and its pattern of unfoldment.

So I can say “PERSISTENCE OF VISION” = responsible for creating illusion/dream/maya/continuity. (metaphorically)

Another analogy would be, supposing you are watching a movie, and a character pushes another character and the other one falls down.
Now, from the screen’s point of view, did the 1st character pixels really CAUSE the 2nd character pixels to fall down or shift? OR was it all simply done by the screen?
The whole thing was an emanation from the whole screen, and no part in the screen was the cause of any other part’s movement or affect.

The whole moves the whole


The whole moves the whole (truth)
No part moves the whole (illusion of agency)
No part moves another part (illusion of causation)
The whole has no history (story/narrative illusion)
It is ever refreshing, ever renewing (dance of the ONE)
The whole is alive (I am aliveness)

Linear causation is only an appearance


Structures emerging like an organic process (Implying linear causation), are only streams or channels coming from the uncaused.
There is no linear-causation at all in the larger context.
It all exists at once.
Causation is an APPEARANCE stream coming from the uncaused.

So in the higher truth,
There is no static measurable discrete force in me that is working against chaos to build order nor is there is a me making steady progress in understanding the world.
Those linear appearances are snippets happening in the vaster context of non-linearity and multi-dimensionality.
Everything is only an appearance/a certain unfolding of possibility in a context channel and when the context channel shifts, 100% of reality can shift.

I think full structures/worlds/dreams are already present and all we do is tune into them which then creates our linear reality like selecting a TV channel.
It is like that the cymatics experiment -> the pattern just instantly emerges when the frequency resonance is right.
Or it is like a dream where the whole dream just instantly comes in.

Like take the television set example.
You turn it on and BAAM a channel is running, say with a TV show.
It instantly appears -> and appears to have a situation, some characters, and some movement.
Now say you change the channel, then that linearity and that scene and all the characters just vanish, and are replaced with an entirely new context.
So that is what I meant by saying that linearity is just an appearance.

Like have you had the experience of dreams fading in and out?
In my lucid dreams, after getting lucid in one dream -> I would pursue that dream thread and situation, however soon-after the dream would start to fade to black.
If I stay relaxed in that black space -> then a new dream would SPAWN from there. And the context would just materialize. Like suddenly I would find myself in a beach, or a strange apartment which would be completely different from the former dream -> and then even this would fade to black and again return to dreaming, but each of these returns would be dramatically different with no overlap.

This can be observed even in your normal dreams.
Like say you hear the alarm in the morning (you are jarred awake out of your dream) and you snooze it and go back to bed.
Now again you start dreaming and once again the alarm rings after a while -> again you are awake, but just compare the 2 dreams you had. Weren’t they radically different qualitatively? Were you even the same person in them?

Threads of causation

The causation thread goes all the way to the infinite/to god/to the unknown/mystery/blurry/foggy horizon
So each and every thing can be traced back to god/mystery/unknown.
It follows the thread of the known – getting subtler and subtler until it vanishes past your seeing ability reaching the horizon/unknown.
All attribution of substance(gross to subtle) depends on how far one sees into the causation thread.
If you see short, you see definite gross entity causes, if you see far, you see various subtle potentials manifesting everything and the picture looks far more complex.
If one sees the farthest, he sees all causation threads leading back to the infinite nothing.
Ultimately everything is a VERB, an UNFOLDING, a PROCESS.
There are forces, which are aggregate of smaller forces, and those smaller forces are aggregates of even smaller forces and so on.