External world as a mirror of vibration state


The entire outside world is a mirror of the vibration in you.
The “dark night of the soul” is about the falling of the vibration in you, which warps all of your world – independent of your situation.
So similarly, when vibration rises, it will again warp the whole world magically around you.
The high or low vibration experiences and worlds are not intrinsic.
But rather, it is in the large wave of duality,
That gives one wisdom beyond the world illusion.
The revelation is that, the quality of the whole world illusion/dream depends on the inner vibration state.
The world simply mirrors the intra-psyche vibration and its organic flows.
Various emotions/feelings get projected around all the objects/people/situations of this world.
That is your real wealth, your vibration.
And that is not in your hands, that comes from beyond.
There are states and stations.
The state is what is in your hands, i.e. the vibratory state potentials you have access to from your current station.
Whereas, the station you are in, is moved from the beyond.
Also it is an inevitable law that,
To the degree one falls lower, one rises higher to the same proportion.
This lower and higher is part of the same wave,
And there can never be a wave with only a trough and no crest.
From the 5th dimension looking down at the 4th, this wave can be seen at once, as one object (union of opposites).
From the 4th dimension looking down at the 3rd, this wave plays out in time, taking you into a trough and then a crest.

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