Ego as an assertion(activity) to cover its dual


The implied background always wins over the projected foreground.
The whole game is that the ego attempts to strongly project more and more of the opposite, in order to hide the background.
Every assertion is a force that is trying to cover up its background.

Its like there is a self-definition downloaded, and there is this feeling of “ohh shit, I hate that, that is horrible” and therefore the whole self agitates and goes into turmoil/resistance/suffering and pushes out/projects the opposite strongly to the degree to which the turmoil was present.
Greater the degree of non-acceptance/resistance/turmoil/agitation/suffering, greater the degree of the opposite force “asserted” IN ORDER to cover up the suffering within.
So the whole purpose of the ego shell, which is a outward projected doing, is to cover up, and is a protection/shell against the suffering underneath.
More there is to hide, stronger the projective force of ego, and the louder it is.
So the ego is the false self put out, IN ORDER TO, cover up the unacceptable.

For example, why does a person push to be more popular?
The pushing is the foreground which is the assertion.
The background is the belief that “he is not-popular” and also that “he ought to be popular”
So this background agitates as a result and tries to project a strong persona forward that stays and pushes to be more and more popular.
However, since the person never stops, the background is always winning, and all the person succeeds in doing is in masking this deeper belief about himself.
When he runs out of energy and if he is unable to assert his popularity, he falls into its “Dual state” of being unpopular and suffering as a result of that(non-acceptance) which was his original condition to start with.
So the way out, is to drop the assertion first, and live through the base definitions you have about yourself and accept it.
Interestingly when the base definition is totally accepted, then even that vanishes from being along with the need to be popular which becomes redundant.
His strong outer ego shell was projected from its inner core, precisely to avoid the inner core experience which was some unbearable reality (the definition and its non-acceptance) that was programmed into him at a formative age.

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