Reconciling opposites


I’m trying to reconcile these opposites:
Is it:
God -> Society first -> Individual ——-OR——- Individual -> Society -> God
Is it:
Understanding -> Interpretation ——-OR——- Interpretation -> Understanding
Is it:
Structure -> Experience ——-OR—— Experience -> Structure
Is it:
Seeing -> Believing ————OR———– Believing -> Seeing

Reminds me of the cube illusion – where you can see things either way and both will be valid.

Ego as an assertion(activity) to cover its dual


The implied background always wins over the projected foreground.
The whole game is that the ego attempts to strongly project more and more of the opposite, in order to hide the background.
Every assertion is a force that is trying to cover up its background.

Its like there is a self-definition downloaded, and there is this feeling of “ohh shit, I hate that, that is horrible” and therefore the whole self agitates and goes into turmoil/resistance/suffering and pushes out/projects the opposite strongly to the degree to which the turmoil was present.
Greater the degree of non-acceptance/resistance/turmoil/agitation/suffering, greater the degree of the opposite force “asserted” IN ORDER to cover up the suffering within.
So the whole purpose of the ego shell, which is a outward projected doing, is to cover up, and is a protection/shell against the suffering underneath.
More there is to hide, stronger the projective force of ego, and the louder it is.
So the ego is the false self put out, IN ORDER TO, cover up the unacceptable.

For example, why does a person push to be more popular?
The pushing is the foreground which is the assertion.
The background is the belief that “he is not-popular” and also that “he ought to be popular”
So this background agitates as a result and tries to project a strong persona forward that stays and pushes to be more and more popular.
However, since the person never stops, the background is always winning, and all the person succeeds in doing is in masking this deeper belief about himself.
When he runs out of energy and if he is unable to assert his popularity, he falls into its “Dual state” of being unpopular and suffering as a result of that(non-acceptance) which was his original condition to start with.
So the way out, is to drop the assertion first, and live through the base definitions you have about yourself and accept it.
Interestingly when the base definition is totally accepted, then even that vanishes from being along with the need to be popular which becomes redundant.
His strong outer ego shell was projected from its inner core, precisely to avoid the inner core experience which was some unbearable reality (the definition and its non-acceptance) that was programmed into him at a formative age.

High/Low psyche energy duality

Intense psyche energy – moves experience, increases possibilities, novelty, wonder and creates anticipation, joys etc.
When the psyche energy is low – there is flatness, dullness, disenchantment, disinterest, loss of consciousness, loss of interest/passion/desire/love/focus. Such a person falls into a stupor-like state almost only driven by bare survival and when even survival is surrendered, he falls into the unknown void/blankness.
When very low on energy, the strain is on survival only, the deepest desire, attention/focus is pulled from the reserves to do the bare minimum to survive. It is a hard desperate struggling state.

The best way to illustrate this duality is – ON PSYCHEDELICS vs. the next day PSYCHEDELIC HANGOVER.
The psychedelic awakens the soul energy, that is precisely the feeling of high interest/curiosity/wonder/passion/love/joy/abundance/overflow/sparkles of energy/impressions(impressiveness).
The exact opposite happens in the hangover:
disinterest/flatness/dread/deadness/discontent/struggle/scarcity/low energy/depression/unconsciousness.

Are creative and destructive forces symmetric?

Initially, I figured that, creative and destructive forces are not symmetric.
The reasoning was that, I saw creative forces as anti-entropic, and destructive forces as entropic.
With that definition, definitely, the creative forces win over the destructive forces.
Because if the destructive forces won, we would not have anything, we would have ‘nothing’, we would not even have the ‘something’ you see all around you.
If the creative forces won, suppose, then we would have ‘everything’ and nothing would ever be lost or destroyed.
From this reasoning, it followed that, life/love is winning over death/loss, that is why all the creation(something) around you even exists.
Another way, to look at is that existence(life) wins over non-existence(death).

But then, this reasoning though it makes sense logically, I always intuitively felt something was off.
Because, by the law of duality everything is bipolar, and therefore creation and destruction would have to be symmetric.
So for a long time I was unable to reconcile the law of duality and the conclusion I had logically come to that anti-entropy is winning over entropy or creation is winning over destruction.

Today, I had this insight that gave me much more clarity and a new perspective.
The logical conclusion I had come to was based on IMAGES of “Nothing” and “Everything” – which were all abstract concepts.
But then I dropped all these images, and looked at actual experience.
I saw that all that there was, was flow/change.
(Note: Even flow/change are concepts but concepts that are closer to our experiential reality)
So imagine a flow:
(infinity)…1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6…(infinity)
From this flow perspective, there is creation and destruction at every moment.
The concept of symmetry does not even arise here, because there is only ONE SPACE in which all is happening.
So creation and destruction are simultaneous and total at each moment.
It is not half creation and half destruction.
At every moment there is simultaneous 100% (total) creation and 100% (total) destruction.
For instance, in the flow shown above, when 1 changes to 2, seen from the point of view facing 1, 1 disappears and dies, seen from the point of view facing 2, the new is born. But both happen simultaneously and are 1 event.

Later I realized, that the previous understanding was 4-D based.
I can take this even further to the 5th dimension, to the level of understanding where we can realize entire timelines are spawned and changed in the NOW.
We are the NOW(5-D), dreaming multiple timelines in the NOW.
To visualize this, it is like:
NOW … –Timeline1———Timeline2——–Timeline3— … NOW
And if I zoom into Timeline1, we would get back our 4-D spectrum:
(infinity)…1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6…(infinity)

Matter and Spirit

Matter = Piano and its keys = biological instrument with its gross-subtle-subtlest components.
Spirit = The forces playing the piano, playing the biological instrument.

Matter is also spirit only.
Matter is spirit in frozen form.
We could also say, everything is basically one spirit in the spectrum of forces of:
Changing(Spirit) —–|—–Unchanging(Matter)
This ONE spectrum is separated into 2 halves, creating the spirit-matter dualism.
From the ultimate picture, it is all ONE grand mystery of movement.
The distinction between matter and spirit is similar to how we divide visible light into 7 colors.
Its all one spectrum, one light, but based on its phenomenological characteristics we break it apart into 7 colors.
You trying to understand the universe is like God living inside his own mysterious creation.
Could that the point of creation? God exploring his own mysterious nature through various forms/various points of view/various subjects?

Contemplation on the unity of opposites

Structuring vs. De-structuring Forces
Good vs. Evil
Right vs. Wrong
Positive vs. Negative
Day vs. Night
Solid vs. Emptiness
Something vs. Nothing
White vs. Black
Improving vs. Degenerating
Existence vs. Non-existence
Birth vs. Death
Known vs. Unknown
Past vs. Future
Voluntary vs. Involuntary
Doing vs. Happening
Inbreath vs. Outbreath
Self vs. Other

States of being


Significance, wonder, ecstasy, joy, celebration, love, Meaningfulness, polymorphic sensuousness, absorptions, happiness, elation, exaltation, exhuberance, peace, contentment, upliftment, soaring, exotic feelings, enjoyment, togetherness, security, satisfaction, fulfillment, fullness, abundance, freedom, health, enchantment, inspiration – are all positive “states of being”.

Insignifance, boredom, dreariness, weariness, sadness, numbness, meaninglessness, dryness, inertness, scatteredness, depression, feeling down, burdened, lack of energy, disturbance, turmoil, weighty, crushed, painful aversive feelings, suffering, loneliness, insecurity, longing, emptiness, scarcity, trapped, disease, disenchantment, disinterest – are all negative “states of being”.

The positive/negative states of being make up the 2 poles of the ONE BEING.