Matter and Spirit

Matter = Piano and its keys = biological instrument with its gross-subtle-subtlest components.
Spirit = The forces playing the piano, playing the biological instrument.

Matter is also spirit only.
Matter is spirit in frozen form.
We could also say, everything is basically one spirit in the spectrum of forces of:
Changing(Spirit) —–|—–Unchanging(Matter)
This ONE spectrum is separated into 2 halves, creating the spirit-matter dualism.
From the ultimate picture, it is all ONE grand mystery of movement.
The distinction between matter and spirit is similar to how we divide visible light into 7 colors.
Its all one spectrum, one light, but based on its phenomenological characteristics we break it apart into 7 colors.
You trying to understand the universe is like God living inside his own mysterious creation.
Could that the point of creation? God exploring his own mysterious nature through various forms/various points of view/various subjects?

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