The cycles in psychoactives/stimulants

In all psychoactives and stimulants, I can notice one common cycle.
When fresh just after taking it, there is a good period for the first 3 hours.
Psychoactives/Stimulants would include: mushrooms, lsd, weed, alcohol, coffee, modafinil, adderall etc.
Then after that initial period of enjoyment, I get tired.
And then once that happens, the fatigue reality slowly kicks in.
Then instead of actively exploring, it is now night for my head, and I am mostly just spending my energy to guard myself and push off unpleasant thoughts.
The will gets depleted.
The experience then starts to get somewhat burdensome and undesirable, but I have to ride it out for its full duration.
Like for instance, in LSD, it lasts for 12+ hours, so after the first 4-5 hours, I need to ride out the somewhat undesired period of the remaining hours.
Because in the intial hours, all my positive fires get mostly depleted – i.e. the seratonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, vasopressin and other joy, worship, love, connection, wonder, thrill chemicals/neurotransmitters get depleted.
They would get renewed(in their cycle) only if I slept, but I cannot sleep and I have prematurely exhausted all of these, so now, that makes it hard.
So in a way, I just wait for rejuvenation after that and try to pass time reasonably productively.
I either relax in tamasic stupor, or resort to rajasic activity like hearing masters/satsangs/or about some deep interest or intellectual topic.
But mostly, all I really desire is the sattva – the joy, brilliance, vitality, well-being, high vibration, freedom, power, serenity, appreciation, imagination, connection, feeling, love, happiness etc.

So each of these substances has a day and night component associated with them.
When full of energy/interest/enthusiasm/exploration it is day, when depleted/tired/fatigued/burdened it is night.

Even in my daily life, just after getting up, things are good in the initial hours.
Then they slowly slide into tiredness/fatigue.
So everyday I go through – sattvic time (morning), tamasic time(late afternoon, evening), rajasic time(night), tamasic(late night).
I’ve seen the same general principles apply to every stimulant or psychoactive substance.
They are sattvic when I have a lot of energy(will-power, interest) in me to experience them/control them/direct them/explore with them, that is, when they are SMALLER than me.
Eventually I get depleted, but the substance action still continues, and now it becomes BIGGER than me and a burden of sort and I have to ride through it until its wave of power is over.

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