Louder passions vs. softer passions

Whatever is done/spoken/communicated/acquired in passion – dies with the ending of the passion.
It is a passionate state of mind – and it ends quickly.
The lack of deeper passion is what we call lack of soul OR the deeper passion is subconscious and in chaos, and to escape from that chaos, a passion is created and pushed out – to create the passionate state of mind.
This is what creates the feeling of superficiality and deeper emptiness.
To give an example, Lust is passion too.
The arousal of lust is the arousal of passion.
One can become addicted to states of passion and always desperately stay passionate, because when they sink deeper into themselves, they see the chaos that actually lies underneath.
But passion is a highly limited/limiting state.
The louder the passion, the more limited it is.
Spectrum of passion:
Very soft ———————— Very loud.
The loudest passions take the most energy and are sustained for a very short period of time. They create intense purpose and also dissolute as easily and fast.
The softer passions are the more enduring ones that give a person a sense of prolonged fullness and purpose.
So if you are feeling empty in life – then you probably need to go deeper, and become more dispassionate, silence yourself more and see the softer/lighter/subtler territory you are blind to at present, because of drowning that with louder passions (arousing them to escape the deeper pain).
Passion Blinds! The louder passions drown the subtler ones.
[Like notice when lust fills you up, almost all your motivation energy is redirected]
Moving to the subtler realm of passions may feel like death, because it is sinking and letting go of all the louder passions that have hitherto driven you.
What we call the soul, might refer to this deeper realm of subtle passions/forces.
Passions = Forces, basically.
So it can also be worded as, greater forces drown the subtler forces.
[Just like loud noises drown soft ones, and just like how bright lights drown softer lights (like how we cannot see stars at daytime)]

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