What is the witness of the subtlest to the grossest objects?

This witness is a field, it subsumes all the subtle-gross objects and is fundamentally beyond.
Even to say it is beyond all the objects is incorrect.
Rather it includes and transcends.
The field is free of ALL the gross-subtle objects in it. They are all just an appearance in the field, and the field is completely inherently free from all these appearances, just like your TV screen is free of all the pictures that appear on it.
A better analogy is, it is like moving to a higher dimension where all the subtle-gross objects are only ONE of its possible appearances.

So, it is only belief that is the prison.
If you believe that there is an world outside of you, you have not transcended.
Whereas if you see the world is inside of you (your field) as an appearance, then you have transcended it.
You only outgrow the hypnosis of seeing yourself as a part of the world, into seeing the world as a possibility or appearance of the field that you are.
An even better analogy is of waking up from a dream and becoming lucid within the dream.
Now, you see all the dream objects and people as you, since you know that you are the dream itself and that the whole dream is your field.
Moving from being in a dream world, to seeing the whole dream field as YOUR APPEARANCE is the transition.

3 Replies to “What is the witness of the subtlest to the grossest objects?”

  1. “If you believe that there is an world outside of you, you have not transcended it. Whereas, if you see the world is inside of you…then you have transcended it.”

    Why not both? Must “the world” only be inside of you and not exist “outside”. I don’t get it.

    Sure I understand everything in your perceptual field is the only that that certainly exists, but that should not imply that things outside of your perceptual field simply have no potential for existence.

    If you were to say that the “outside world” is real but exists only as manifest potential, then I would say that makes sense. But no. Here you are saying, “there is only the perceiver, there is nothing to perceive”.

    That is my interpretation of what you have said above. That doesn’t make sense. Maybe I am just not “transcended” enough to get it.

    Thank you for you help,

    – OAM Meditation

  2. Ah, key correction here –> The “outside world” exists as UNMANIFEST potential*** which means it has the potential to manifest into your perceptual field but does not until the perceiver perceives.

    1. Yea, I was attempting to point to the primordial inescapable seeing that we are.
      The “THAT” which we are, in which everything appears and passes.
      Was calling that the “field”.
      I keep using different imperfect metaphors or analogies to point to that.
      I get the inside/outside confusion part.
      Hmm, its like even the mystery of the unknown outside/noumenon/unmanifest potential is also perceived/seen,
      Even that wispy conception is an object in that primordial singular seeing.
      Language being dualistic, I cannot converge the opposing dualities into the non-dual truth I’m trying to point to.
      For e.g.: inside/outside, waking/dream, reality/appearance, lucid-dream/normal-dream, gross/subtle, witnesser/witnessed, seeing/object etc.
      All the stuff I used to write this post.

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