Threads of causation

The causation thread goes all the way to the infinite/to god/to the unknown/mystery/blurry/foggy horizon
So each and every thing can be traced back to god/mystery/unknown.
It follows the thread of the known – getting subtler and subtler until it vanishes past your seeing ability reaching the horizon/unknown.
All attribution of substance(gross to subtle) depends on how far one sees into the causation thread.
If you see short, you see definite gross entity causes, if you see far, you see various subtle potentials manifesting everything and the picture looks far more complex.
If one sees the farthest, he sees all causation threads leading back to the infinite nothing.
Ultimately everything is a VERB, an UNFOLDING, a PROCESS.
There are forces, which are aggregate of smaller forces, and those smaller forces are aggregates of even smaller forces and so on.

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