Evil is the most fundamental hypocrisy

It is ‘using life’ to ‘destroy life’.
It is a pure double standard, because if the same destruction were to be inflicted on them, that would be against their interests.
So ‘evil’ ultimately needs and wants “life, nurture, love” and lives of that food – but destroys that very food for others.
Since the entire tree of life depends on everyone and everything in interrelationship, the evil are basically destroying themselves, but their view is so myopic (ignorant) that they cannot see how it all comes back to them.
But by harming others they are ultimately violating their own interests.
They are destroying others and themselves in the larger picture, but their ignorance makes them think they are prospering at the others’ expense by exploiting them.
It is similar to cutting down all the rainforests in ignorance and watching the climate, air quality, nutrients go into a downward spiral, and upsetting all kinds of natural systems. However when cutting down the rainforest, the intention of the person was to prosper at the expense of the trees. But in effect, he has jeopardized his own well-being and interests in ignorance of the connectivity of the systems.
When what evil ultimately wants is life and it destroys that very life in others.
It is like drowning your own boat, when the very thing you want is for it to float.
Evil itself cannot survive without goodness.
The evil lives like a parasite on the tree of goodness.
Because without goodness, how can evil itself survive in the first place?
The evil therefore compromises the very thing that is feeding it.
The evil attacks the tree of life and if the tree of life goes down, the evil cannot survive either.
So it is highly foolhardy of the evil to attack its own source of nurture/life in ignorance.
The evil destroys the very source of its existence – love/life/nurture.

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