See your divine condition and accept it

You have to accept your divine condition.
Why am I affected by others?
Well, YOU ARE AFFECTED that’s it, that is the condition.
The extent of your impressionability, fragility, helplessness, vulnerability, and powerlessness, its all part of the divine condition.
Every atom of your experience NOW is the condition.
Deal with it. You are the condition itself.

Every loss of freedom that happens because of others, is part of the divine condition.
Again see the full condition first and then deal with it.
Ultimately there is just acceptance of the divine condition present, that’s all.

I am the entire condition itself.
That WHOLE is my full identity, not this person.
The video game condition itself is me, not just the character I am moving using WASD.
All I can do is work from seeing the whole – Harmonizing the whole.
There is no ONE correct action, a RULE or a LAW.
PARTIAL SEEING will inevitably result in disharmony.
The WHOLE SEEING is in itself the intelligence that leads to WHOLE ACTION.
You can only ACT from PURE INTENT.

Energy for BEING vs DOING

Doing follows being.
First it takes energy to BE.
Then it take energy to DO from that BEING.
Being is the structure from which doing operates.
If you cannot BE, then its impossible to DO anything
Because you will have no structure from which to channel the force of doing at all

About heart/soul(symbolic) as the attunement instrument

All attunement happens from the heart.
The brain is then just an awesome instrument available in the attunement that the heart has chosen.
To take different perspectives, different points of view, see through different consciousness locuses/lenses, to tune into different worlds by altering frequency = done by heart/soul.
My primary ability is to take ‘different points of view’ and tune into multiple worlds and perspectives.
Perspective of a bird, insect, every creature/being, earth, celestial bodies – sun, planets, moons, and so on.
Each is a “unique and infinite” point of view.
Each is a realm, a world.
In my entire life, I have shifted tuning to millions of such worlds/realm.
What I see is that each point of view is an INFINITY.
I’m only moving from infinity to infinity.
My deepest knowledge from navigating all the worlds is in the relativity/validity/infinity/wonder of all worlds.
Any judgment I hold is transitory because the judgment is simply the output of energy channeled through a frame/orientation of mind. But what if each frame that the heart tunes to is an entire infinite realm. We are all only cosmic grand navigators, and the situation in the world is where people have concretized their imagination and have forgotten the real nature of their condition.
But yea, maybe this dream of limitation/concretization of perspective, and full conviction in an objective world has its place, its wonder too.
I feel like I’m the true traveler.
My intellect is just a powerful celebrator and instrument that illuminates whatever worlds my heart/soul chooses to tune into.
This is a game of hide and seek, a game of remembering and forgetting.
We are the supreme being itself, representing the greatest wonder and riches.

What is the witness of the subtlest to the grossest objects?

This witness is a field, it subsumes all the subtle-gross objects and is fundamentally beyond.
Even to say it is beyond all the objects is incorrect.
Rather it includes and transcends.
The field is free of ALL the gross-subtle objects in it. They are all just an appearance in the field, and the field is completely inherently free from all these appearances, just like your TV screen is free of all the pictures that appear on it.
A better analogy is, it is like moving to a higher dimension where all the subtle-gross objects are only ONE of its possible appearances.

So, it is only belief that is the prison.
If you believe that there is an world outside of you, you have not transcended.
Whereas if you see the world is inside of you (your field) as an appearance, then you have transcended it.
You only outgrow the hypnosis of seeing yourself as a part of the world, into seeing the world as a possibility or appearance of the field that you are.
An even better analogy is of waking up from a dream and becoming lucid within the dream.
Now, you see all the dream objects and people as you, since you know that you are the dream itself and that the whole dream is your field.
Moving from being in a dream world, to seeing the whole dream field as YOUR APPEARANCE is the transition.

The physical world is a mirror of the invisible world


The physical world is a mirror of the invisible world.
If you want to know the invisible world, look at the physical world.
All the forces that act in the physical world – the same forces act in the invisible world too.
All the rules for gross objects, apply to the invisible subtle objects too.
Just like we have:
– Solid Objects
– Smaller parts, nuts and bolts
– Powder
– Molecules
– Atoms
– Quarks
– …
Similarly in the invisible world of vibration/feeling/sensation, we have the same gross to subtle forces spectrum.

Threads of causation

The causation thread goes all the way to the infinite/to god/to the unknown/mystery/blurry/foggy horizon
So each and every thing can be traced back to god/mystery/unknown.
It follows the thread of the known – getting subtler and subtler until it vanishes past your seeing ability reaching the horizon/unknown.
All attribution of substance(gross to subtle) depends on how far one sees into the causation thread.
If you see short, you see definite gross entity causes, if you see far, you see various subtle potentials manifesting everything and the picture looks far more complex.
If one sees the farthest, he sees all causation threads leading back to the infinite nothing.
Ultimately everything is a VERB, an UNFOLDING, a PROCESS.
There are forces, which are aggregate of smaller forces, and those smaller forces are aggregates of even smaller forces and so on.

Chakric Realms and God frequency

1 – When physicality dominates – emotions are silenced.
2 – When emotion dominates – mind is silenced.
3 – When mind dominates – love is silenced.
4 – When love dominates – true expression (doing the right thing in accordance with divine principle) is silenced.
5 – When true expression dominates – perception is silenced.
6 – When perception dominates – the divine is silenced.
Ultimately the goal is harmony of the whole.
And this harmony is already present once ‘WE’ step out of the way and let the effortless/perfect unfolding happen.
Even the slightest personal doing on our part (in any of these realms) results in disruption of the smooth flow.
So our personal doing is the ignorance.
The “Person” is “IGNORANCE” itself.
In truth, there is no real/substantial person, beyond it being just one of the appearances.
YOU do not exist.
Illumination is to see there is no person.
Rather there is only divine light, and the person was just a form that was held onto, because of FALSE IDENTIFICATION.
So all holding on is false identification and ignorance.
Letting go, in all the chakric realms will free all your chakras.
Desire moves everything.
Desire/Longing for this transcendence and its movement is the upward movement of the being frequency itself.
It is the movement of “being” towards God frequency.
The God frequency is the highest frequency (tends to infinity).
When Being realizes it is the God frequency, then it allows everything and gives total freedom to all forms in the higher density realms, meaning total freedom, release and full understanding of all chakras.
The journey to God is a miraculous one/unimaginable one, you can never know how it will take shape.
If you know how it works, that means, that knowing is a dead structure, that needs to be made alive with divine light and freed.

Evil is the most fundamental hypocrisy

It is ‘using life’ to ‘destroy life’.
It is a pure double standard, because if the same destruction were to be inflicted on them, that would be against their interests.
So ‘evil’ ultimately needs and wants “life, nurture, love” and lives of that food – but destroys that very food for others.
Since the entire tree of life depends on everyone and everything in interrelationship, the evil are basically destroying themselves, but their view is so myopic (ignorant) that they cannot see how it all comes back to them.
But by harming others they are ultimately violating their own interests.
They are destroying others and themselves in the larger picture, but their ignorance makes them think they are prospering at the others’ expense by exploiting them.
It is similar to cutting down all the rainforests in ignorance and watching the climate, air quality, nutrients go into a downward spiral, and upsetting all kinds of natural systems. However when cutting down the rainforest, the intention of the person was to prosper at the expense of the trees. But in effect, he has jeopardized his own well-being and interests in ignorance of the connectivity of the systems.
When what evil ultimately wants is life and it destroys that very life in others.
It is like drowning your own boat, when the very thing you want is for it to float.
Evil itself cannot survive without goodness.
The evil lives like a parasite on the tree of goodness.
Because without goodness, how can evil itself survive in the first place?
The evil therefore compromises the very thing that is feeding it.
The evil attacks the tree of life and if the tree of life goes down, the evil cannot survive either.
So it is highly foolhardy of the evil to attack its own source of nurture/life in ignorance.
The evil destroys the very source of its existence – love/life/nurture.

List of Inspirational Speakers

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Books recommended:

1. In Search of the Miraculous – PD Ouspensky
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4. Breaking open the head (A Psychedelic Journey)- Daniel Pinchbeck
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17. Yoga Sutras – Patanjali (
18. Care of the soul – Thomas Moore
19. Ego and the Dynamic Ground – Michael Washburn
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31. Power vs. Force – David Hawkins
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