The deeper dimensions of senses

The whole body smells, the nose is the epicenter (affect of air).
The whole body tastes, the tongue is the epicenter (affect of water).
The whole body hears, the ears are the epicenter (affect of sound).
The whole body sees, the eyes are the epicenter (affect of light).
The whole body acts, the hands and legs are the epicenter (affect of fire)
The whole body talks, the mouth is the epicenter (affect of ether)
The whole body touches, the genitals/mouth/hands are the epicenter (affect of earth).
(That is why sex revolves around those primary elements)

Close your mouth = a withdrawal of communication
Close your ears = a withdrawal of understanding
Close your eyes = a withdrawal of vision
Close your nose = a withdrawal of intuition
Close your body = a withdrawal of action
Close your tongue = a withdrawal of feeling

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