Noun, Pronoun -> Verb -> Adjective

I had a big shift earlier, where I started to see that there were no real Nouns/Pronouns in existence.
Rather, there were only verbs and processes everywhere.
Today, on deeper thought, I had a flash of an even greater shift from Verbs/Processes to Adjectives.
Everything now can be seen as an Adjective/Quality/Is-ness.

I can correlate it to the dimensions of Space(3-D), Time(4-D) and the Platonic world (world of platonic forms) (5-D).
Space(3-D) = Nouns, Pronouns
Time(4-D) = Verbs, Processes
Platonic(5-D) = Adjectives, Qualities, Essences, Is-nesses, Archetypes

So the Adjective/Quality is the higher dimensional essence which manifests as processes and when you take a snapshot of the process, you get nouns/pronouns.

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