The force of emotions

People’s emotions communicate a FORCE of what you should or should not do, even if the content does not explicitly mention anything.
Infact the emotion is the actual force. The force from content itself is only purely intellectual.
The motivation/driving/behavior center in a human is largely emotionally controlled only.
Emotional control will feel much more overbearing and heavy than pure intellectual control.
That is why emotionally histrionic and crazy mothers, can wreak havoc to the child’s behavior system.
It recreates the same chaos in the recipient and the recipient will feel like he/she is walking in a stormy unpredictable wind.
It also recreates a PTSD like phenomenon, where your body responds with extreme defense to “seemingly ordinary statements” which serve as triggers.
This undue reaction comes from the fear of being overwhelmed totally and controlled, and the extreme resistance you had to put up when you were young (without suitable knowledge and experience to frame these emotional demands).
That stays in the operating system of the recipient like a PTSD, and causes him/her to live in fear (of the unpredictability of their vulnerability to control, which they overcompensate for, by throwing a counter reaction of HARDENING into themselves as a defense(causing disassociation and a great loss of awareness in those moments).

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