See your divine condition and accept it

You have to accept your divine condition.
Why am I affected by others?
Well, YOU ARE AFFECTED that’s it, that is the condition.
The extent of your impressionability, fragility, helplessness, vulnerability, and powerlessness, its all part of the divine condition.
Every atom of your experience NOW is the condition.
Deal with it. You are the condition itself.

Every loss of freedom that happens because of others, is part of the divine condition.
Again see the full condition first and then deal with it.
Ultimately there is just acceptance of the divine condition present, that’s all.

I am the entire condition itself.
That WHOLE is my full identity, not this person.
The video game condition itself is me, not just the character I am moving using WASD.
All I can do is work from seeing the whole – Harmonizing the whole.
There is no ONE correct action, a RULE or a LAW.
PARTIAL SEEING will inevitably result in disharmony.
The WHOLE SEEING is in itself the intelligence that leads to WHOLE ACTION.
You can only ACT from PURE INTENT.

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