My new principles for living

From conditioned to unconditioned:
# Bring full involvement of all of you at every moment.
# Engage with everything as if for the first time.
# Give yourself and your involvement completely into all experience.
# Engage with each moment, on its own terms, indiscriminately.
# Give out your most sincere/full/true expressions all the time, and let go totally of the results (give total freedom to the results).
# Live as the ever-alive fire you are (the Phoenix).
# Do whatever you do – Totally and Absolutely intensely – With total Responsibility, Authenticity, Accountability, Commitment, Engagement, Power, Wholeness, and Involvement.
# Keep your center of gravity/focus on the eternal, rather than on the temporal.
# Go straight for the sun, and don’t settle for any of the myriad moons reflecting its light.

Charter of principles for relationships

Make: “Compulsion” -> “Choice”
Realize: Your compulsions are your unconscious choices.
Become: “Conscious” of “Expectations”
Understand that: “Unsaid Expectations” are the root cause of ruin in all relationships.
{ Work towards: “Communicating expectations” to others, and “RESOLVING” conflicts.
Insist on: Reaching an Agreement. }
Remember to: “Do what you are doing willingly, and don’t do anything that you are not willing to do.”
Remember: All anger is from expectation (said or unsaid).
Replace: “Expectation” with “Truth”
Do things: “Willingly” without “Expectation”
Remember: If you do things willingly from your own desire, it maximizes your intrinsic happiness. The happiness from relationships is only the icing on the cake of your own intrinsic happiness. The icing cannot substitute for the cake, nor will it compensate much for a bitter tasting cake.
The goal is: “Unity in diversity”, not “Unity of sameness”
Focus on: Making “systems” for everyone, that also “maximize” the “freedom of individuals.”
Let: Each person freely and naturally give to others, what they themselves naturally value, without expectation.
Orient your: Life around your values.
Focus on: Discovering your values, and then orient and shape your life around them.
Do not: avoid conflict. Use each conflict to clarify/illuminate/communicate expectations and arrive at a mutual understanding and agreement/validation.
The goal is: Harmonic existence, with maximum freedom (which allows and gives space for the growth and flowering of the individual).

Causeless winds vs. effort(caused) winds

Are you following the divine effortless winds? OR creating winds via. egoic effort?
Often, when there is no divine wind, the ego puts efforts and generates winds to compensate for the emptiness created.
This has the flavor of [draining, suffering, effort, struggle, desperation, pushing].
Its as if you are depleting your reservoir.

Instead I intuit that, when there is no wind, ideally one should just sit, and move only if a causeless wind is present.
I would like to move only from the causeless, and not from any generated force from any structure. Because every structure is a reservoir of divine energy and this stored energy is depleted as the structure exerts its own force and generates winds.
– When you are generating force with belief and investment, you are generating karma.
– When you are generating force, but belief and investment is not there, then it has the background of emptiness and there is no karma. It is like a de-clutched car, still moving from the momentum and structures of winds but without a powering force.
– When you are not generating any force, and when all the modulator wind generating structures (samskharas) have been atrophied and dissolved to just point potentials, you rest in the causeless and are moved only by the causeless wind.

* Karma is nothing but Becoming
* Living in the causeless is like living without becoming anything
* Structures in your consciousness that I speak about, are like entities inhabiting your experience field, that collect divine energy, and then accordingly generate/modulate winds in your consciousness, seeking to grow their structure. They are like viruses that trap divine energy – when the sun shines – and then generate forces from this stored energy in order to further themselves. That is the principle of ego (which is the mothership structure) and samskharas basically.

Interdependence Insight

What makes a thing beautiful is the relativity around it.
It is all total interdependence.
For example, the girl who looks beautiful in the beach, has to thank:
– the people who made her swimwear,
– the swimwear cloth material existence itself
– the beach (for being a desirable place for people, and which puts them in the mood capable to such body admiration)
– the beach for being a socially accepted place to celebrate the body,
– thank the culture that permits that,
– thank the sunlight for shining on her,
– thank the “eyes of others” that allow them to perceive her at all
– her mom dad for telling her that she is beautiful,
– all the food that has gone into building her body,
– thank the gym space and equipment for giving her the tools for shaping the body
– all the other people who project ‘beauty’ on her and validate it (both historically and currently present in the beach)
– Her own genes, lineage
– Caste/Creed/Race, Health, Nationality, other such status symbols
– All the microorganisms in her body allowing her to stay like that
– She would have to thank her entire history, which is connected to everyone else’s history too.
And so on…
Its total interdependence.
Finally she has to thank her own consciousness for being alive to even be aware of all of this and to witness all that came together in creating the feeling of being beautiful.
Each and every object exists interdependently with all the other objects
Like the Indra’s web dew drop reflections.
Every essence is dependent on every other essence.
No essence stands alone.
It is the “relationship between all the essences/reflections” and interdependent relationships that allow the existence of the object essence itself.
Everything needs everything else.
No thing stands by itself.
All things stand because of the existence of all other things.

Like take the diamond in a velvet box –
the diamond has to thank all the lights around it,
the velvet box which contrasts it well,
the perceiver/observer of its beauty,
and its qualities come out with the movement of the observer, so it should also thank the observer’s movement.
(The diamond’s brilliance is omni-directional, however its qualities of FIRE and SPARKLE are visible only if the observer moves relative to the diamond)
Also the diamond has to thank all the other stones for not having these qualities such as sparkle, brilliance and fire.
The diamond’s specialness/uniqueness/value should give thanks to all the other non-quality possessing stones.
The diamond must also thank the observer’s consciousness which observes all of these qualities and admires it.
Everything is interdependent.
Similarly self-other, self-world, self-situation all go together too.
It is all the situations/others in your life that bring out your mysterious qualities.
You are what you are, because the universe it what it is, they both go together.

About ‘Doing’ and its implications

Another way to put across the principle would be:
Every assertion requires an assumed denial (as base state)
Every denial requires an assumed assertion (as base state)
This is the inherent dilemma with all “Doing” itself

Another way to put it would be: Doing is secondary to the structure that causes and justifies the doing.
For example: If I want to help someone, I have to first assume that he needs help and cannot help himself, and that I know what help he needs, and that I know the best thing he should do to help himself. All this is the narrative/background structure behind my action of helping.
Doing is like watching the ball roll down a mountain. But there are lot of things that have to be in place for that – the mountain, the slope, the gravity force and so on. That is the background set (as in cinema parlance)
The narrative I create behind the doing is the higher dimensional structure. That is my creation too. That is why it is said “Belief creates reality”.
Doing is simply the manifestation/symptom of the structure I have assumed/believed in.

Surrendering of all “Doing” is to live in the causeless
Where everything simply happens and doing happens too, but there is no “Doing” by an agent/ego/self(with small ‘s’)

End of self image and self esteem

Do not save/help/rescue people as self-esteem points.
Do not achieve/conquer/surmount as self-esteem points
Do not suffer/endure pain/face fear as self-esteem points
Do not develop skills as self-esteem points
Do not build social status/power/prestige/material accumulation as self-esteem points
Do not live up to any image of nice person/kind person/spiritual person etc. as self-esteem points
Do not count your “monetary assets(liquid/solid)” as self-esteem points
Do not accumulate memories/experiences/adventures as self-esteem points
Do not create works of art/music/writing as self-esteem points

Drop the burden of all notion of a “substance” self.
BE bereft of any form or substance.
Make self-esteem 0, dissolve the accumulated self.
Rather live as the “Empty of Substance – NOW – direct truth”.
Live in the utter obviousness of direct perception/direct experience.

There is no point fighting anything in the world.

There is no point fighting anything in the world.
A small little me thrashing around with my energy is useless.
Force is useless and empowering force is useless.
Empowering force only increases the reactivity, thrashing around, struggle against a much larger reality anyways controlled by much larger forces and outside my control.
Rather, I can empower understanding, awareness, the existing flow, and the harnessing the power that is already present.
Everything is already there, one just needs to know how to tap into it and then modulate it using the power/momentum already present.
All attainment is something that can slip away, just like you can only push so hard against an existing condition with your force until you exhaust your power.
You will come back to homeostasis/default/base.
So its much better to practice attuning and flowing with already existing flows, like swimming along river currents to get where you want to.
Frontal opposition against an opponent force or against any force is useless.
It is highly inefficient and wastes colossal amounts of energy.
Rather I would prefer to use flows that are already available.
In fact that is mastery, mastery is about being a perfect conduit and channel for a certain influence that is already present, which you simply fully tap into and modify yourself to take it in fully.
The sign of mastery is when you can do something so effortlessly by perfectly conduiting an influence without using any of your own force.

See your divine condition and accept it

You have to accept your divine condition.
Why am I affected by others?
Well, YOU ARE AFFECTED that’s it, that is the condition.
The extent of your impressionability, fragility, helplessness, vulnerability, and powerlessness, its all part of the divine condition.
Every atom of your experience NOW is the condition.
Deal with it. You are the condition itself.

Every loss of freedom that happens because of others, is part of the divine condition.
Again see the full condition first and then deal with it.
Ultimately there is just acceptance of the divine condition present, that’s all.

I am the entire condition itself.
That WHOLE is my full identity, not this person.
The video game condition itself is me, not just the character I am moving using WASD.
All I can do is work from seeing the whole – Harmonizing the whole.
There is no ONE correct action, a RULE or a LAW.
PARTIAL SEEING will inevitably result in disharmony.
The WHOLE SEEING is in itself the intelligence that leads to WHOLE ACTION.
You can only ACT from PURE INTENT.