Ultimately all anger is about desires

Ultimately all anger is about desires.
We are angry at all the reasons because of which our desires are not being met.
Now call one ‘good’ and the other ‘evil’. Does it matter which formation pervades? Creation or destruction?
It is a war.
Until there is transcendence of some kind, there is only war.
Until a perspective is reached that embraces both, there is war.
Ultimately each one wants to convert the other to himself or include the other.
But stuff like creation and destruction, good and bad, are inherently contradictory, and therefore inclusion of the other will destroy the original perspective.
If you think of yourself as ‘something’, there is invariably going to be war.
Whether that something is good or bad is a matter of perspective.
It is a something you have identified with.
Removal of cathexis from all perspectives/points of view/desires, makes one empty, He can now take on any point of view/any formation/any identity, if desired.
When one is free of identifying with the formation (any formation/something), then one is identified with the field instead, and can move into any formation in the field.
It is like being free of gravity. Free of the gravity that holds and binds your experience down to this identity alone.
Its like a guy who does not call himself Indian, American, Filipino etc. gets the passport to all countries. But if he calls himself an Indian etc. he only gets the Indian passport and can only visit other somewhat agreeable countries very briefly (tourist visa).

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