Thoughts – Aug 1

The Greatest fear is LOSS.
PAIN usually accompanies – the process of loss.
In a sense, if I see both as verbs, then PAIN = LOSS.
Because as loss is happening there is pain.
Also, what is loss for one person, is not a loss for the other.
What matters is loss of what is desired and loved.
This is again different for each person (each a universe) and it just IS, it cannot be understood, so it is absurd in a sense.

Pain is when an undesirable reality replaces a desirable reality.
If it is all a single screen appearance of consciousness, then the undesirable reality replacing the desirable reality is loss of the desirable reality.
So pain and loss are connected and it is ultimately degrees of loss of ‘what is loved’.

So if nothing/infinite is loved, then all its expressions are loved and no-thing is loved, rather the whole field is loved, so all its appearances are loved. So death is not a loss then.
There is only changing experience and one loves the field.
This is the journey from loving somethings’ to loving nothing(field).

Pleasure is felt when – what you want is increased against what you do not want.
Pain is felt when – what you do not want is increased against what you want.
So its all relative.
But what you want at any moment also changes, so its quite mysterious. Each person wants different things too at each time.
That is why pain for one person can be pleasure for the other and vice versa.
What you want is also constantly changing, and it is fundamentally absurd and mysterious.

All emotions are libido in a way.
When emotions are high, libido is high too.
Intense emotions like anger and fear, can be easily converted into libido.

If the nature of everything is God, the instantaneous infinite experience field manifesting instantaneously NOW, then there are no processes, learning, suffering has no value, no growth – nothing.
Everything is a dream. Everything is an appearance. Everything can change. All substance is an appearance too. The vibration can simply move higher and obliterate the whole manifest and create something ENTIRELY NEW in an instant.
Then the value of all experience, is the experience itself, it is the NOW of it.
There is no intrinsic value in memory either, unless you choose to.
Its all a dream. There is infinite memory.
Ultimately you experience, the appearance contents (appear to be remembered) in your conscious field which can expand and contract.

Like Yin/Yang, Heaven/Hell, Pleasure/Pain, Construction forces/Destruction forces, Growth/Decay – There are infinite ways to feel pain, just as there are infinite ways to feel pleasure. Infinite things can go wrong (disharmony) just as infinite things can go right (harmony).

There is only experience ultimately.
And you are the ultimate power.
You will let go of an experience only when you are done with it.
Fully experiencing “whatever experience is” is the only thing.

What we are scared of is the UNKNOWN EXPERIENCE.
Like say you met an alien, and you tune into the alien’s being, and this process disintegrates your entire mind and body to a faster vibration causing your ENTIRE experience to change. Would this not be terrifying?

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