What we love is only the life force

Entry and filling – and departure and vacating – of life force.
What we really love is the life force and nothing else.
The life force is synonymous with mystery, change, freedom, vibration, riches and intensity.
So life and death is the [arising, filling and passing] of life force.
It’s a dance between 2 – Awareness and Aliveness.
Aliveness [arises/emerges, fills and passes/dissolves] within Awareness.
This is the package or game of life and death, which happens by the waxing and waning of aliveness[beloved] within awareness.

The material realm and other laws and cycles including the wake, dream, sleep cycle etc. form the base of the aliveness appearance.
Aliveness, along with this base material appearance, also provides many other form and formless realms as possibilities.
When aliveness is at its high point, it provides the greatest riches and freedom.
When aliveness is at its lowest point, one feels completely bound and mechanized by the tyranny of all the laws, losing all possibilities and freedom.
Finally when aliveness fully vacates it ends the duality with awareness and sinks back into awareness causing deep sleep.

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