The world runs on human games

Sports is all man made games.
Where man defines the rules of the game.
And skill is built within the rules.
In some sense, every formal dance form is something similar.
Martial art forms too represent something similar.
It is expression within chosen constraint.

All authority is about gaining standing while playing the human games.
This also gives one status.
So all status, authority, power (money, influence) are hard earned elements from playing the joint human games.
It is the human game relativity.
All jobs are something similar.
Be it involving Consumerism, Technology advancement and so on.
It is working and doing your best, given the rules of the company game and the broad market game itself.
Logical debates too represent the same following of rules.
When looking for transcendence, one is looking out of all the games in the playground. One is looking for the truth beyond all the human games.
It’s like, you graduate from all games, and graduation here means seeing through them and losing interest.
I am looking for the real truth, not any fabricated human games, which are good for entertainment.
One can lose himself in the entertainment of all the human games, and get so involved, he can even forget about his mortality completely.
But what is this life? Where are we? Who am I? What is going on? Why are we here? Isn’t existence really absurd? Why is there so much restriction of freedom? What is the nature of aging? What is unchanging? What is the essence and is there any definite essence I can capture?
I need to look past all the games to see beyond.
What are the expressions that go to the edge and beyond all the human games that look like circles to me? What is at the edge of knowing? Who are the pioneers pushing boundaries?
This is where my true interest lies. Everything else does not interest me much, because I can see through them, and all the games do nothing to tell me about the absurdity of my existence, which is the key question I am interested in.
Everything is going round and round and swinging like a pendulum, but what is the force from beyond that creates such a persistent appearance/predictable universe?
Jobs, sports, dance, martial arts, art and so on – its all human games.
Human games allow one to accumulate authority, power, status, identity, role, influence, desirability.
These are the things that do not particularly interest me.
I am much more interested to know what lies beyond.

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