Subtle Bodies and Gross Body

Manifestation flows from the subtle to the gross.
In this diagram, there are 6 subtle bodies (s1 to s6) finally culminating into the gross body (G) or physical body.
Ultimate all manifestation is flowing from the infinitely subtle, but one may be veiled from the subtlest bodies.
For example in the diagram shown, one may only experience s3,s4,s5,s6,G and there might be a veil between s2 and s3. We may call s2 – subconscious and s3 – unconscious for instance.
These 2 subtle bodies are driving your experience but are not in your experience because they are veiled from you.
Another reason this veiling might happen is because the energies are too active in the lower subtle bodies, as a result they overshadow the subtler bodies completely. Just like you cannot hear your fan running when the TV is loud.
Just as we have death and dissolution of the gross body, we can also have death and dissolution of subtle bodies too. In this case, any invisible subtle body from s1-s6 can undergo a dissolution and you would feel it in your experience.
So death/transformation/dissolution is not necessarily only of the gross (G) but it can apply to any of the subtle bodies too (s1-s6) causing a dark night of the soul for the person experiencing this subtle body death.
Also a higher subtle body can transform a lower subtle body.
For example, if s1 is the all pervading consciousness (I AM), then it can take up center stage and dissolve all the other subtle bodies (s2, s3, s4, s5, s6) , if that is your desire which would come from beyond/above s1 (something even subtler).

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