Subtle and Gross forces

I occupy a band of energy from [Subtle——Gross]
I’m moving towards subtler and subtler truths as the veils are getting lifted more and more.
I am the subtlest most powerful force in the universe – God, but I am right now veiled from that knowledge and all that is subtler than the “band” that I occupy is seen as a unknown mystery force.

The subtle forces invest themselves into the gross material objects of the world and cathect themselves to it.
When the subtle forces lose interest in the world objects, the cathection goes away.
When the subtle forces withdraw from the world itself, one is absorbed in other energetic realities and focus/tuning on this physical/sense/object/form world can only be maintained with effort.
So dark night of senses, is the turning away of loved subtle energies from the sense objects.
The dark night of the soul, is the turning away of subtle energy forces from belief and personality/ego.
The entry of subtle forces is LIFE.
The departure of subtle forces is DEATH.
The subtle forces are what enliven.
There are various depths of subtle forces from:
Subtle ————————– Gross
And various dances can happen.

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