Identification with form

Form is a lower kind of life.
Form is subjected to birth and death, or the entry and withdrawal of life force.
Form is a gross entity that is enlivened by the entry and exit of the subtle life force.
Identification with form, and not life means, you will have to experience your death, which is the most painful, where each part of the form screams as it is dries up, withers, decays from lack of support from life force.
It is life that creates and withdraws itself from form creating birth and death.
As long as one is identified with form, one is subject to birth(infusion of life force) and death (vacating of life force).
It is only when identification shifts to life force itself, that one sees the larger picture and sees the form as a passing experience and not as oneself – just as one wears an overcoat for a while and then removes it.

To make it more clear, it is life itself that experiences itself in form so that it can experience the process of birth and death as an adventure.
When one transcends birth and death, it is simply that life moves on to a greater subtler presence that transcends the form.
There is only a movement from smaller life to greater life.

We are all a part of life cycles operating with different time-periods.
For example the life cycle of a may-fly is completed in 24 hours. (shortest life span insect on earth)
While the life cycle of humans happens in around 80-90 years.
The time period is different, but the principle of the birth and death cycle is the same.
All form is subject to the birth and death cycle, no matter what the time period may be.
All temporal objects themselves are subject to ‘birth and death’ or more appropriately ‘arising and passing’.
That is because life cannot imprison itself to living as an unchanging form.
The movement of life is towards greater change/greater aliveness.
Taking various forms is the path of life/spirit growth journey.
The fun is in the growth itself/the journey itself and the ultra-real illusions.

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