Difference between the mystic and the man of the world

The ego believes in control and ownership responsibility and thereby takes on the burden of maintaining and forwarding it’s creation.
The mystic has surrendered such a control, ownership, responsibility, and lives as a facilitator and conduit for God’s will to unfold.
He is free of such a responsibility and simply glides through the wind gracefully like a bird in the skies flying with the wind or the sailor sailing on the sea.
The difference between the world of the egoist and world of the mystic is that one is a motorboat while the other is a sailboat.
The motorboat imposes it’s power against the forces of nature like winds, waves etc. The sail boat on the other hand moves in harmony with the forces of nature like winds and waves.
It is in harmony with the music of the dao/nature.

The motorboat becoming a sail boat and voluntarily giving itself up to be in harmony with the music of the Dao and also seeing the futility of its goals against the Dao, is the path of ego death.
The ego death grants merger/union into the larger and vaster dao music.

Anything that you DO gets in the way of the flow of the dao music
With every doing you add a discordant note in the symphony
When you are BEING with the whole, the doing will automatically harmonize with the whole.
To BE anything is to stand out in relief from the whole.
To be the whole, is to be emptiness itself, which transcends all the somethings that the whole may appear to be and flow through.

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