All is empty

All insight is empty too
All knowledge is empty too
All practice is empty too
All ego/personality is empty too
All suffering is empty
All writing is empty
All relationships are empty
All joy and pleasure is empty too
It’s all just a dream
All stories are empty too
There is just this changing moving emptiness
Attention faculty is empty too
Experiences come through form or formlessly
No condition for how/when an experience should come and from which form it should come can be imposed
It can come in any form or formlessly at any time
Experience is not bound by form
Rather experience appears to come through forms as props just like to actors play different roles in different movies
Joy can come through any form
Suffering can come through any form
Because the form is simply the prop that induces experience in you
All form is empty, All emptiness is revealed in form
There is no reason to feel any emotion towards any form because the form is only a prop in the play of experience inside you
You create the illusion of form and experience through forms using the forms as props to dance the energy you are
Presence of absence or emptiness is the greatest presence

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