About the self and what is real

The self can never be rejected, only an other can be rejected. Rejection is impossible once you see YOU are ALL THAT IS. It is also not possible to have a relationship with yourself. You can only have a relationship with an other. There is no shame in any formation that the self may take. Shame is simply for social behavior regulation. Just like there is no time really, time is again a construct for social convenience. There is no fear either because how can you fear yourself . Also fear is a relationship and when all is you there are no relationships. You simply know everything as intimately as you know your own hands. Identity or personality itself is for the socio-cultural organism, a socially given role. It seems all pervasive and feels personal but in actuality it is just a social construct and has no reality about WHAT you are or what you must be.

Get out of such illusions of what is real and see that NOTHING is real. Enter into the subjective from the objective and free yourself from the tyranny and oppression and narrowness of the objective. The ABSOLUTE truth is NOTHING. If someone tells you there is one, then they are trying to get you into their bandwagon to bolster their own empty formations and prolong them. Spirit is always alive and moving. Formations are VIBRANT when spirit fills them, but when spirit departs, formations become empty and need support and that is where all the controlling mind-games start. Maintaining something unreal is what needs support crutches for which there are zillions of traps used by people. But it is all a desperation of trying to hold on to smoke or prolong it. LET GO and move in tandem with the effortless. Give up AND let go of any false thing that is not supported by spirit. It’s absolutely useless trying to hold on to something that is not inherently upheld by spirit.

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