Don’t expect to enjoy anything

Don’t expect to enjoy anything
Dissolve the “This should not be” emotion
Take the brilliant bitter suffering and pain
Don’t be the cause of extra pain either
Get the ego out of the way from suffering or pleasure

You cannot pay and expect pleasure
Even the most socially touted pleasures can bring bitter displeasure and disharmony
And one cannot know when what will bring pleasure or bitterness
Because it is alive
It is a mystery
Planning for an experience is impossible
It’s unknown all the time
No food will do it…no place…no person…no situation…no relationship…no thing.
This complete removal of all predictability, brings the mystery unknown in, where one is fully alive.
Such a person cannot live with any dead thought, idea, belief, method, structure, ideology, religion, rule, or law.
You cannot assume anything or use any knowledge as a ground
This marks the stepping of egoic life into greater-aliveness life.

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