Only the separate self suffers

It is the separate self that suffers.
The separateness and presence of other is in ITSELF a suffering.
There is only one energy, all inclusive.
That energy is me. I am THAT, and have never been anything else.

Separateness is the illusion created by veiling the underlying reality of unity oneness.
It is done intentionally by spirit to experience itself from a part of itself, just like you dream at night as a person in a place but when you wake up you realize the dream was nothing leaving only faint memories behind if you choose to remember the souvenirs from the dream.
Similarly, this waking seemingly persistent dream occupied by others and materials, is just a longer dream.

It is like you choose to play a particular game on the computer everyday from 8am to 12pm.
Say you forget after a while that it is you who choose this.
Now you start to believe the nature of the computer is the game.
But actually it is one of infinite possibilities.
The question to ask is, why do you choose to be AS this reality?
There is no factual world.
No countries, no towns, no other people, relatives, mother and so on.
It is you who chooses to see reality that way with all those entities and relationships.

Ask yourself a deeper question, why do I choose to be like this?
This is a deeper choice you have made and forgotten.
It has got veiled from you because of your superficiality.
Ask yourself with all your heart, why are you like this and go silent and deeply feel into the answer.
The deepest knowing is sensation. Look for the deepest sensation.
Why have you chosen this?
This question also gives you an opportunity to claim what you have disempowered yourself from.
As Terrence McKenna would say “reclaim your mind”.

There are no facts in reality, there is no objective reality.
You do not REALLY have a mother.
Even biological processes and physical laws do not bind you and are not fact but rather they represent the UNCLAIMED part of your consciousness.

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