The cross of knowledge and becoming

The cross of knowledge that one carries is dissolved by counter knowledge.
Like one thorn used to remove the other thorn.
Now the ‘knowledge and counter knowledge’ give one a great swirling mental power.
But eventually even the ‘knowledge and counter knowledge’ become another cross.
Now this cross is to be dissolved too.
One is to dissolve this ‘knowledge and counter knowledge’ in the light of awareness and back into its source.

You can only live fully when ‘YOU ARE NOTHING’
If you have become ‘something’ or think you are ‘something’
That is to be dissolved, because that traps you and prevents you from a fuller life experience.
You can only live fully when you have dissolved everything that you have become.
UNBECOME, DISSOLVE, LET GO, UNDO whatever you have become.
Dissolve this cross of your own creation to be FREE.

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