The eagle of freedom

The eagle of freedom has 2 wings:
– One wing represents the “Power to Create”
– The other wing represents the “Power to Destroy”
If you do not know how to create, you will have nothing with you.

If you do not know how to destroy, you will get trapped and stifled with your own creation.
So to create with full ‘confidence and awareness’ is possible only if you are also equally ‘confident and aware’ that you can destroy that.

Do not create until you know how to destroy (Else you will get trapped)
Do not destroy until you know how to create (Else you will have nothing)

Life is change.
Change implies simultaneous creation (of the new) and destruction (death of the old)
Change therefore implies the dual power to create and destroy.
Change is Freedom.
100% power to change = 100 % Freedom = 100% Enlivenment/Life

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