Why do any practice? and about highest inspiration

Why do any practice? What is the point?
When the inspiration for practice leaves, the practice ends.
Ultimately whatever we are, IS the inspiration of God.
Life is moving inspiration.
If we try to hold on to something, that is not inspiring,
Then life will stall and wait for us, until we sink back to the inspiration, wherever it has moved.
Conjoin yourself with this highest inspiration(God). Merge into it.
The distance of your personal will from God’s will, is what determines how much power you will lose.
The closer you are to God’s will, the more power the personal will have.
And this God’s will is not an objective truth or anything hard and definable, only the person can know in HIS EXPERIENCE.
It is a moving mystery, which one can only BE/UNION WITH.
One cannot stand apart from it and know this mystery.
One can only feel this from the WHOLE.
One could say God = the HIGHEST INSPIRATION itself.
Your highest inspiration is where God is.
Each person can only know this highest inspiration (God) in his experience.
This is the fount of infinite power itself, inside one’s experience.
One knows from one’s experience, how far away one is from this fount of power.
How far is your lifestyle, commitments, attachments, situation putting you from your true inspiration?
It is impossible to know what this God point is for others.
Because all others exist in your experience, so all others are shaped by your experience and ARE your experience basically.
So no OTHER can be GOD, because how can one find the whole in a part, a specific narrow form (i.e. the form you project from your infinite creativity AS that person)?
God or highest inspiration is something one aligns to in one’s own experience.
This is accessed not by thinking, because thinking is just a small fractional form in the infinite.
Rather one reaches GOD only from the movement of the WHOLE of oneself.

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