Energetic work

– Focused observation energy (without the physical representation overlayed on the pure energetic experience) + Deep Breathing directed to it = charges the grosser energy pattern that is being focused at + sets it into flow.
– Ultimately there is only energy and this energy gets entangled into grosser forms in our experience.
– The grosser forms of entangled balls of energy structures, basically represent a lack of energy. (Just like a solid lacks energy compared to a gas)
– The subtler form is the higher energetic form that permeates and penetrates the grosser form and is capable of freeing the grosser form. The subtler form here is observation energy+breath, and the grosser form is the energy pattern you are working with.
– Freeing these balls of grosser energy patterns, is possible, by supplying them with a subtler energy of observation (charging them) + using breath energy (to get them flowing/move)
– Entangled balls of grosser energy and structures – convert the super subtle source energy of light into grosser outputs – like heavier emotions, coarse sensations.
– Supplying the higher energy of observation to them, is like heating those grosser energy balls in fire.
– What happens when you heat a solid? Essentially the molecules of a solid have lower energy and therefore has coalesced into a solid. It represents a lack of freedom and binded nature. Now if I heat it with fire, I am supplying each of the molecules with additional energy, this causes the solid to free its molecules, vaporize into a gas, and in this manner it starts getting transmuted to a subtler form.
– The same principle holds for freeing your gross energy patterns/entangled balls of energy fibers.

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