Inauthenticity of all Effort

All Effort is inauthentic
All images are unsatisfactory.
Except the images cathected to life.
Life moves mysteriously between various images and enlivens them.
What we long for is life, not images.
Life projects itself onto images and uses them as props,
Giving the illusion of the images containing the essence
So to live authentically is to BE WHERE LIFE IS
Life will continue to move its projections in mysterious ways among various images(as props)
But re-cathecting to life essence is like standing at the helm of the ship instead of controlling it indirectly with effort from afar.

Effort is the litmus test fr how far you are from life.
Life is being.
Effort is doing.
The being effortlessly does the doing too.
So non-doing is the highest philosophy.

Joy is the other litmus test
Are you feeling joy in what your are doing?
If no, then do the thing/only act on your highest joy.

Acting on effort means you are disconnected from your source of life
It means you are disconnected from your source of power, well-being and joy.
The more effort you put in day to day, the more disconnected and far away you are from life/power/well-being/joy.

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