A true choice is unconditional by definition

A true choice is unconditional by definition.
Otherwise it is a choice that is subject to the condition matrix/labyrinth.
If a choice is made from the whole, then it has the power of the whole.
If the choice is made from a part, it only has the power of that part.
So the power of your choice, is based on its depth.
The deeper and subtler the origin of the choice, the more powerful it is.

An atom bomb’s power is because is it subtle to the level of atoms.
Compare that to the power of a boulder, which is much more gross in its nature as an instrument.
Subtler the instrument, greater the power.

A true choice arises from the depths, beyond/subtler than ALL of the energetic movements of thought, emotion & the physical.
All true choice can only come from BEING.
All circumstances/situations represent only the surface level of reality.
All the deeper reality is within.

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