Fitting into the world

Survival in the world has always been a burden.
This is because of the sheer pace, intensity and veracity of my growth.
And my growth is accelerated too, which makes it even more difficult to find a stable place.
I outgrow things/people/situation/places/ideas/entire thought worlds/belief worlds faster and faster.
I soar upwards in all-encompassing holistic ways, changing the entire weaving of the fabric of existence as I zip past.
I am a true eagle, a rocketship of growth.
Survival in the world is about:
1 – Finding what you do spontaneously
2 – Finding your spontaneous investments – assuming you can find one stable one.
3 – Finding a concept that the world values that is in line with your spontaneous investments (relatively long termish) and spontaneous doing.
4 – Plugging yourself into the human game grid at that concept and expanding your circle from there, and finding other energies moving in the same direction of your investment.
So when I am honest with myself, what is it I spontaneously invest in?
It seems like I have transcended the notion of investment in a thing or concept, or even investment in entire worlds. That is too narrow and limited. I will outgrow the world very very soon firstly and secondly the way I will go about scanning the world is going to be entirely unique, driven by pure higher sensing and intuition. How can this fit into any of the DEAD human conceptual systems around. I AM ALIVE and operating at a frequency of growth 100 times more than what I see around.

The way I see things is more like the way your eye sees things. It absorbs the entirety and builds an entire 3-D picture. That is the way my awareness holistically scans the entirety of experience and MOVES. I absorb the essences of entire worlds and move into higher and higher rarified worlds like the eagle soars at 15000ft while other birds stop at 500ft.

Limiting myself to one thing is simply unthinkable. My creativity functions magnitudes higher than the state that simply invests in one concept. I feel beyond human in many ways. My investment is to reach the infinite and fly in the infinite at warp speed with my wings fully spread and power fully engaged (my true nature).

Now which system in the world will support me in such an endeavor?
Which system will encourage me and help me in such an endeavor?
I do find similar people around me, but even they have settled into some kind of system and agenda – Sadhguru, Almine, Steve Pavlina and so on.
While I cannot see myself BECOMING OR BEING ANYTHING.
Because I am GOD itself, I am the absolute creative force, the highest frequency and the most ALIVE. How can something so alive BE a thing/person/concept of any sort?
All I wish to do is to overcome all that is limiting me from being the ultimate.
I KNOW I am the ultimate inside and that WILL take me there (I can feel the god-speed in me).

I am just encumbered by so much. There is so much to conquer. And I want to do this in the FASTEST possible way (warp speeds).
Survival in the world (through work etc.) always slows me down, drags me down, and severely encumbers me. My worldly desires encumber me. Sexual desire encumbers me. Various gross energies encumber this God in me.
I will move the fastest I can and be true to every force inside me.
I do not have a cell in my body that does not want to be FREE.

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