The perspective of Evil

From the standpoint that what we are in essence, i.e. the SINGULAR energy that is simply endlessly transforming itself for eternity: creation and destruction go together like the Ouroboros.

At the deepest level, all awareness is only of change, and change is transformation, and all transformation inherently implies a change of state, say from state A to state B, and that implies the simultaneous creation of B and the destruction of A, like morphing. So from the absolute perspective it is just ONE PLAY, but the slightest identification will imply the existence of evil.

In other words, in the fundamental duality of self vs. other, the potential of good and evil is available when perceiving the other and one may alternate between those 2 perspectives. Existence is seen to have a bivalent nature.

Its only when reaching the ONE (non-duality) that one gets free from such notions and sees the entire picture.

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