The giant cycle of existence

The 2 giant cycles of existence are:
Endless becoming and endless unbecoming.
It is exactly like an inbreath and outbreath.
You inbreath – take air in, accumulate, become, until you want to.
You outbreath – push air out, let go, unbecome, until you want to.
How many times do you do this? – For eternity.
How deeply do you do this – Again, infinitely.
This is the same principle happening across all scales.

Inherently unbecoming is the movement towards freedom, expansion, and widening potential.
Becoming is the movement towards contraction, specificity, and reducing potential.
This is happening on all scales:
Macrocosmic infinite ————————— Microcosmic infinite

Lets take an example of scales now.
You may say I breathe-in on an average 500ml of air.
A macrocosmic object will tell you from its scale that it breathes 5^10^100ml of air in one inbreath.
Scale is all relative.
For an atom, you are probably the size of its observable universe.
For a human, the universe we know now through science is the size of the observable universe.
Infinity————-You—————-Infinity, in all moments(time) and in all positions(space).
So wherever you stand, you are at the center.
Like a boat moving in the pacific ocean.
Whatever its position is, the observer sitting on the boat will feel like the boat is in the center w.r.t. to the circumference horizon.

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