Dark night is the initiation of the 5-D life

I think the dark night is literally the adaptation/transformation we go through to fully live in the 5-D reality.

Earlier we were living with identity in the 3-D/4-D(Space-Time self) – basically a 4-D self I can say, because the 4-D encompasses all the possibilities in 3-D.
That is how most people in the world are living.
A 4-D self has full freedom of movement within 3-D space and it might just be restricted by physical laws which it tries to bypass – airplanes, submarines, rockets etc.

But the entry to the 5-D self means, the 5-D is a faster moving much subtler dimension to the 3-D and 4-D. So if identity moves up to the 5-D, then the 4-D identity is dropped into a fast moving river, which eventually powders this 4-D identity into the subtlety and refinement of the 5-D, adding an entire dimension of additional degree of freedom

If you(3-D) put your finger into a 2-D world, the 2-D creatures would see it as a point appearing and then growing into a circle (the circumference of your finger). And as you draw your finger out, the 2-D creatures would see the circle shrink into a point and disappear. Similarly, I feel I am a 5-D creature slicing into 4-D worlds each time while writing my [blog insights and posts and while describing my experience worlds].

All worlds exist simultaneously – from the subtlest worlds of freedom to the grossest worlds of matter. It is just a matter of what world you are tuned to.

So in this 5-D reality, the future is literally unimaginable.
Because unlike our earlier reality – we are not moving in time – but rather the entireties of space-time are moving.

Earlier: [WORLD 1] was where we lived.
Past ————————– Present ————————– Future
Now its more like:
So the world I am in this moment is going to change in a few hours.
So each world has a different past—–present—–future view.
So even if my future looks like absolute doom right now.
When the next world comes in, it might be entirely different, so my predictions, knowledge that I am holding onto now to safeguard my future are of no use when the next world comes in. The holding on is useful only if you are persistently living in the same world view.

So the future is literally unimaginable, inconceivable – it is just coming from BEYOND – stepping into the 5-D involves getting used to this and living in that higher dimension mystery with greater aliveness.

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