Dark night is like weathering a terrible storm

I used to think the dark night is basically a situation of severe binding and preoccupation with the content of psychic realms.
But its not preoccupation really, because preoccupation implies a will behind it, choosing that and having the power of choice.
In the Dark Night of the soul, there is no choice (no will), but to face the astral storms – affecting the emotions and mental, and belief realms. When this storm happens – one’s available energy for the world severely reduces, which is what makes it an extreme poverty situation, and creates this fight for bare survival. The suffering becomes great, and to function in that state of gloom, despair and severe burden is like weathering a severe storm in the sea, not knowing when it will end or abate.
Add to that the fact that NOBODY will understand this, or empathize with this, because it is so far beyond their experience. They will infact project all their negative emotions on you.
So it is truly a protracted mystical trial and tribulation – A great suffering.

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