The In-breath Out-breath cycle holds the deepest secrets

The deepest secrets of life can be known through the experience of the breath.

Inbreath/Outbreath = Living/Dying, Becoming/Unbecoming, Accumulating/Letting Go, Doing/Undoing, Building/Dissoluting, Being/Non-being, Identifying/Disidentifying, Chokmah/Binah(from Kabbalah)
[see all the words as verbs]

This is what goes on for eternity:
… -> InBreath -> Outbreath -> Inbreath -> Outbreath -> …
Equivalent to the matrix code: …10101010101010101010…
That is the ultimate secret.
It is the binary fundamental principle, the 1s and 0s of life.
Every breath reveals the secret principle to you, each time.

As is the atom, so is the universe.
As is the breath principle, so is the universe principle.

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