Testing yourself for dissociation

How present are you?
Imagine there is a tiger walking in your room.
– How present you would become?
– How intense that experience would be?
– How intensely focused and aware you would be?
– How immersed you would be in the NOW?
People have these kinds of experiences even in accidents and so on, where the NOW(present moment) completely pulls all their energies in.
This is a good exercise for testing for dissociation.
The distance between your current state (STATE A) and this state of full presence and immersion I described (STATE B) is the extent of background fear.
When fully immersed in the NOW, there is 0 fear because there is no distance between STATE A and STATE B.
They have become one and merged as STATE U say.
The distance between STATE A and STATE B is the dominion of the Ego and its activity.
The ego is the distance between ‘You current state(state A)’ and the ‘PRESENT MOMENT(state B)’.
State A ——-[ego domain]———- State B
So when State A merges with State B, in a moment of say a tiger in the room, the ego is collapsed and suddenly there is total immersion, and there is no space to even maintain a faint self-referential concept.
Maybe this explains the fascination people have for dare devil activities, because their direct encounter with death, paradoxically makes them feel the most intensely alive.

Dissociation too might be the distance between State A and State B.
State A —[less dissociation]—State B
State A ———-[more dissociation]————State B
So the extent to which state A is alienated from state B(the present moment), represents the extent of dissociation.

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