Structure = Performance

All performance comes from structure.
Better the structure, better the performance.
Structure is what channels energy.

Lets take an example:
Lets consider 2 laptops.
Say the 1st one is a 2015 macbook retina pro.
Lets say the 2nd one is a 2005 macbook.
Why is the performance of the 2015 macbook pro SO MUCH BETTER than the 2005 macbook?
Its because of structure.
They both may be consuming the amperage and voltage even, but yet one is just EONS better than the other.
What is the difference between the 2?
You can go through all the technical specs and analyze.

Apply a similar analogy to a psyche.
Generally as a rule, subtler the structure, higher the performance potential.
(Its like have 10nm transistor technology (2016, subtler) vs. having 100nm technology (2009, grosser), which is capable of better performance?)

Another example would be of 2 runners. Say one runs the 100m dash in 13secs and the other runs in 20secs. Why is the former so much faster? What is it about his structure that makes him faster?

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